Student Leadership

At CPA, students rule the school!  We have several ways in which students participate in our school culture building and grow their capacity as leaders.

Principal’s Advisory Committee – Once a month, students meet with Principal Lynch to discuss, and make decisions, about school culture, community happenings, and other relevant issues.

Link Crew – Upperclassmen who apply and get accepted have the honor of becoming Link mentors to our incoming freshmen. We build this opportunity into the school day and Link leaders spend time building community events after school, on weekends, and run 9th grade Academy in August.

Here’s information about being a member of the Link Crew at CPA.  (

Student Council – With staff recommendation, all students can participate on Student Council as an officer or member.  This group will be designing and faciliting community events, building school culture and promoting change with their student voice. This team will also promote CPA in the greater Montbello, GVR, Gateway communities before the DPS choice season in middle schools and at DPS School Expos.  

Staff Interviews – Students participate in staff interviews in the spring to continue to build a strong Warrior team.

African-American Young Ladies Summit Program (AAYLS) – Female students may be chosen to participate in DPS African American Community Engagement summits throughout the school year.