Social Work

The social and emotional wellness of students at CPA is just as important as their academic success. We know that happy, healthy and connected students are high-achieving students; that’s why we prioritize interventions that support the Whole Child.

We have a full-time licensed Social Worker, a Restorative Justice Coordinator, an Engagement Coordinator AND a Dean of Students who work collectively as our Whole Child Support Team. The top priority of this team is to ensure that students and families know that they never have to face struggles or difficult situations alone.

There are many social/emotional supports built in to the daily life of a CPA Warrior, but there are also more specialized interventions we identify for students:

LINK Crew – a peer mentoring program that pairs juniors and seniors with incoming freshmen. LINK Leaders host freshman orientation in August and have a crew of freshmen that they check in with all year long. LINK also hosts pep rallies, dances, recruiting events, Random Acts of Kindness week and more!

Girls’ Inc of Metro Denver – in partnership with the local nonprofit, CPA teaches two electives for upper and lower classmen that help girls grow up to be strong, smart and bold! Students learn about healthy relationships, college and career, emotional regulation and more.

Conflict Center – another nonprofit collaboration that teaches students about critical thinking, conflict resolution, anger management and healthy communication.

Individual and small group counseling – our licensed social worker can meet with you/your student to help work through a variety of issues- attendance/truancy, substance use/abuse concerns, peer conflicts, family problems, academic struggles, grief, depression, anxiety and more.

Battleground Counseling and Dr. Craven & Associates – We contract with community mental health organizations to offer students additional individual and small group counseling three days a week.

Special Education support – the social worker can do social/emotional testing and provide mental health supports as part of Individual Education Plans and 504 plans that help students have equitable access to  general education.

Student Safety – the social worker hosts Signs of Suicide every year with incoming freshmen to ensure that students know the risk factors and warning signs of suicide and know who to go to for support. Additionally, social worker can complete safety protocols supporting students/families that are struggling with self-harm or suicide.

Referrals to resources to support families through difficult times: mental health, rent/housing assistance, transportation, immigration status, food security, legal support, homelessness, employment, Human Services, Individual/Group/Family Therapy, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out! Ms. Cozens would love to hear from you!