Attendance Policy

DPS Attendance Policy

Student attendance is highly valued at Collegiate Prep Academy because excellent student attendance is correlated to high levels of student learning and engagement. We want students to be in every class, on time, every day of the school year. The Denver Public Schools’ districtwide and CPA-specific attendance goal is 95% or better attendance for all students.

The school will contact parents and guardians regarding student attendance problems and will respond with the appropriate consequences when non-attendance becomes problematic. Parents can request their student’s attendance report in the Attendance Office and an attendance report can be obtained from the student’s Infinite Campus account. It is imperative that student and parent information such as phone numbers and addresses be updated in the main office any time they change.

The following attendance policies reset with every six-week grading period, unless the attendance concern has escalated to the point of Attendance Appeals Court, at which time students will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

To excuse an absence:

  • Leave a message at on the CPA Attendance Line at 720-424-0820. En Espanol, 720-424-0840.
  • Email the CPA Attendance Office at
  • Write a paper note within two days of the absence, to be delivered to the CPA Attendance Office.

When possible, it is best to communicate excused absences to the CPA Attendance Team prior to the absence or the day of the absence. Absences will remain “unexcused” if the request for an excuse is not accepted within two days of the absence.

All “excuses” either written or verbal must include:

1) parent/guardian’s name

2) the name and ID number of the student

3) the dates(s) of the absence

4) the reason for the absence

5) a telephone number where the parent can be contacted during the school day.

The absence will remain unexcused if the request for “excused” status is not accepted within two days of the absence.

Absences are approved by the principal for these reasons:

  • Illness
  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • School Event
  • Legal

Requests for any other reason must be approved by the principal or his/her appointee. Requests for continued unexcused absences may require a note from a doctor.

Excessive Absences


When a student has five or more excused days of absence (35 periods) during a six-week time period, the Attendance Secretary shall complete an Attendance Referral to the Attendance Team.


An Attendance Referral may be made for one or more periods of unexcused absence (truancy), and will always be made in response to more than seven (8+) periods of unexcused absences in any six-week period. Continued absences will result in the activation of the Attendance Concern Response Process, identified below.

Attendance Concern Response Process

1-7 unexcused periods of absence in a six-week period:

  • Automatic Phone call and email from IC for unexcused absences
  • Possible referral to Family Liaison, Dean or Counselor with appropriate consequences
  • Attendance letter will be sent home by the school social worker
  • Parent Conference/Home Visit may be initiated
  • Loss of Privilege to Attend School Athletic and Social Functions
  • Loss of Off-Campus Privilege (including lunch and all other periods)
  • Lunch Detention

8 or more unexcused periods of absence in a six-week period:

After the initial referral to the Family Liaison, successive unexcused absences will result in an increase in the level of consequence.

  • Referral to Family Liaison
  • Referral to Attendance Appeals Court
  • Individualized attendance contract
  • Possible loss of class credit
  • Student Conference with Dean, Family Liaison and/or Counselor (including parent contact)
  • Development of Attendance Contract, including the assignment of an attendance case manager who will meet with student weekly.
  • Loss of Off-Campus Privilege (including lunch and all other periods)
  • Lunch Detention
  • Assignment to Saturday School
  • In-School Suspension or Alternative (Community Service)
  • Parent Conference/Home Visit
  • Loss of Privilege to Attend School Athletic and Social Functions
  • Referral to Alternative Educational Setting
  • Referral to Appropriate Agency for Support
  • Truancy Notice
  • Filing in Juvenile Attendance Court