9th-Grade Warrior Academy

Every August before school starts, incoming freshmen are required to particpate in several days of a CPA Warrior Orientation we call 9th-grade Warrior Academy.  CPA Warrior Academy is unique because Link leaders (upperclassmen) actually run the orientation (with staff support and supervision) and build a foundation to best prepare our freshmen to not only succeed their high school career, but to start planning about their college goals, too.

Topics covered:

  • CPA Mission and Vision
  • College – what should I be thinking about now?  How can I earn college credit here?
  • School tour and student schedule review
  • Warrior student expectations and mindset
  • Team building and mentor activities
  • An introduction to AVID, Pathways2Teaching and our Business pathway
  • Student identity, acceptance and leadership at CPA
  • Meet the 9th-grade teacher team!
  • Parent/guardian BBQ and Q & A